In these pages you will find some Mutt related material, such as patches and the French translation of the Mutt documentation.

What is Mutt?

Mutt is a mailreader.

Some of the numerous features that make it indispensable to me:

And of course, it's free software (licensed under the GNU GPL), condition without which the page of feature patches couldn't exist.

If you don't know Mutt yet, first go to the official homepage.


Here are some pages worth visiting, but you should of course also check the links page of the Mutt's website.


I used to provide a subset of my own Mutt setup here, but as time went by, it has evolved into something rather sophisticated which I think is no longer adapted as a starting point to new users.

Anyway, if you're using Mutt along with the vim editor, you might have a look at my ~/.vim/mail.vim file. Just put the following line to your ~/.vimrc:

autocmd BufRead /tmp/mutt* :source ~/.vim/mail.vim

Something like this should also help if you're fond of funky colors:

if has("syntax")
  syntax on


Vim+Mutt users should certainly also visit Luc Hermitte's web site for lots of useful vim macros.

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